Welcome to Code Week

By Seton Wood, STEAM Specialist

We live in a world surrounded by technology. And we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly depend on understanding how technology works.

Only a tiny fraction of students are truly learning how technology is developed and innovated upon. Only 35% of all high schools in the U.S. teach computer science.

That’s why our entire school is joining in on the largest technology learning event in history: The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week (December 3-6). More than 100 million students worldwide have already tried an Hour of Code. Our Hour of Code is making a statement that Hannah Elementary Scholl is ready to teach these foundational 21st-century skills.

To continue bringing programming activities to your students, we want to make our Hour of Code event huge. Please volunteer, reach out to local media, share the news on social media channels, and consider hosting additional Hour of Code events in the community. If you’ve never participated, this is a great event to experience with your child. Check in with your child’s teacher for dates and times.

This is a chance to change the future of education in Beverly.

Get more details on Hour of Code here.

It's a Wonderful Hannah: Gift Giving Board Returns

In the spirit of giving, the Hannah PTO has created the Annual Holiday Gift Giving Board. We are supporting local families in need, some of whom participate in the Home For Little Wanderers counseling and support services. The board sits on the wall between the main office and the gymnasium and is bedecked and bedazzled with tons of colorful gift tags.

How Can You Participate?

  1. Help make a child in need feel special this season by picking a gift tag on the board. Most tags have age, gender, and suggested gift item. Other tags are for general gift cards; one of the biggest needs this year is for grocery gift cards.

  2. Please leave your unwrapped gift in the front office with Mrs. Howell by Friday, December 14, to ensure the gifts are delivered in time.

  3. Be sure to attach the gift tag securely to your gift to make sure the child/family receives it.

Helpful Hints

  • Take a picture of your tag and the info sheet posted on the board in case it gets misplaced or forgotten.

  • Involve your child/children in the gift-giving process.

Please contact Cheryl Consedine with any questions.

Q&A: What the Heck is a Room Parent Anyway?

With Britta Panda, Perinatologist, Room Parent Coordinator and Hannah mom

How does one become a room parent?

Sign up at the curriculum night in the beginning of the school year to be a room parent and/or let your classroom teacher know that you are interested. Each teacher picks 2-3 room parents.

What does a room parent do?

In general, the job of a room parent is to facilitate communication between parents and the teacher, school administration, and/or parent-teacher organization (PTO), and support the teacher in needs that may arise. You might be asked to help organize class parties and it is typically the room parent who organizes teacher gifts at holidays and birthdays.

Who are the current room parents?

KG- Serra: Jennifer Kiesling, Lori Beal
KG- Morneault: Molly Rye, Mindy D’Ippolito
KG- Clancy: Abby Beaulieu, Eileen Moschella
1st – Milford: Kerry Addis, Jessica Lordan, Amy Benjamin
1st - Dempsey: Amy Paluzzi, Diane Grobecker, Erin Goodrow
1st - Quadros: Corie Quill, Heather Mason
2nd - Hewey: Cheryl Consedine, Gina Ferare
2nd - Mason: Ali Kearney, Meredith Benson
2nd - Shellgren: Danielle Ericsson, Liz Andersen, Bre McGahey, Leah Toppin
3rd - Hachey: Emily Belanger, MaryBeth McLaughlin, Molly Regan
3rd - Harwood: Michelle Pouliot, Erin Goodrow
3rd - Jones: Claire Slater
3rd - Stumpf: Eva Oliveira, David Foss, Heather Mason
4th - Barreto: Leah Toppi, Jordyn Reardon, Katie Litterer
4th - Moore: Emily Goodling
4th - Hatch: Katie Tuohy, April Nelson
4th - Ratte: Abby Beaulieau, Kristin Vona

To contact any of the above room parents, please use the directory.

Are there limits on gift-giving for teachers?
There certainly are.

Podcasts for Better Thanksgiving Roadtrips

At this time of year, many of us are hitting the open road to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. To entertain small friends on long drives, check out these podcasts designed for kids but entirely enjoyable for adults as well:

This Podcast Has Fleas – Hilarious comedy about a dog and a cat with dueling podcasts, living in the same house. Features Alec Baldwin as a Zen goldfish.

Pants on Fire – Nobody can spot a liar better than a kid. Or can they? This gameshow brings two adults before a child contestant: one adult is an expert on the topic of the day while the other is a no-good dirty liar. Will the kid detect the imposter?!

Brains On! – Science that feels like a cool news magazine.

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel - a scripted podcast for middle grade kids, performed by middle grade kids. It is a fun, high-quality, serial mystery that can be described as Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger Things for 8-12 year olds.

When the kids fall asleep, or while you’re out for a pre-turkey jog, here’s some fantastic listening for adults.

Last Seen - WBUR’s podcast about the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum robbery, the biggest unsolved art heist in history.

Bear Brook - New Hampshire Public Radio’s podcast that investigates a cold case of murder in Bear Brook State Park.

Gladiator - The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team takes a hard look at the crisis facing football through the lens of Aaron Hernandez’s life and terrible crimes.

Radiolab - Various topics, all of them thought-provoking and fascinating.

99% Invisible – Design-focused podcast that goes way way beyond architecture.

Empire on Blood – True crime about a 1992 Bronx murder case that questions the nature of justice and redemption.

Wooden Overcoats – Fictional radioplay about a small town in the Channel Islands that has one funeral home. Until one day, it has two.

Ear Hustle - Made by the inmates of San Quentin Prison, this podcast offers a glimpse into a world that may surprise you.

Serial - Season 3 is now available and details a full-year immersion in a courthouse in Cleveland as a microcosm for the entire justice system.

These podcasts (and more) are available on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you find your podcasts.

No Mistletoe Required: Kissing Balls For Sale

As the leaves and temps drop, we start thinking about holiday greenery to add color, decorate our homes or to bring as gifts for the start of the Winter season.

Please support the Hannah school's 4th grade in purchasing beautiful holiday kissing balls created for us by Country Gardens in Rowley. Balls are $27 with your choice of ribbon and pine cones. See the order form here.

Proceeds from this fundraiser go toward supporting exciting 4th grade initiatives such as Project Adventure and the Express Yourself program and performance at the Wang Theater. 

The history of Christmas kissing balls dates back to the Middle Ages when villagers would wind together twine and evergreen branches in the shape of a ball. Learn the story behind this odd tradition.

The deadline for kissing ball orders has been extended to Friday, November 16. Kissing balls will be ready for pick up at Hannah on Tuesday, November 20, between 1:45-2:15 p.m. and 3:30-6 p.m.

Questions? Contact Melissa Perry at mgreenperry@gmail.com

Your PTO Needs You: Open Committee Positions

The success of the Hannah PTO rests on the shoulders of volunteers, parents and guardians who work part-time, full-time, or in the home. We are commuters and caregivers who carve out time to support our favorite school. We’re looking for a few good volunteers willing to drive the following efforts:

• Welcoming Committee - Help recruit new PTO members, run table at PTO and school events, coordinate special projects and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity within PTO and the school.

• School Committee Liaison - Represent Hannah School at school committee meetings, report back to PTO board on meetings, communicate school committee representatives when Hannah PTO meets.

• Hospitality Coordinator

• Grants - Research, write, and apply for grants throughout the year. Work with Beverly Education Coordinator to encourage teachers and parents to write Bev Ed grants.

• Polar Plunge - Promote event through flyers, social channels, and coordinating morning meeting event with principal , recruit a Hannah team, make signs, serve as Hannah’s team captain on the day of the event (Superbowl Sunday).

Sound like your kind of challenge? Please contact ptohannahschool@gmail.com. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Hannah Spiritwear Available for a Limited Time

Want to show your Schooners pride? Check out the selection of Hannah-branded merchandise available through November 21 at Todd’s Sporting Goods on Cabot Street. Just in time for holiday gifts, there’s a wide array of options, from car decals to fleece jackets to pajama pants, all proudly boasting the name of your favorite school.

Todd’s will close the Hannah shop on Wednesday, November 21 to ensure orders will be in for the holidays.

Please note that pickup will be individual orders at Todd’s. Orders will not be sent home from school with kids.

During the Month of Giving, A Reason to Rally

Cameron Molinare, a senior at Endicott College, currently completing her practicum at Hannah, needs our help to complete her community engagement project. As part of her program, she is required to find a way to improve the local community in which she is completing her practicum.

She would love to have the Hannah community give back to the city of Beverly by providing donations to the local organization, Ellis Square Friends (ESF), a foundation created to help the homeless population of Beverly by providing dinners, clothing, and other supplies.

To prepare their clients for what promises to be a long Winter, ESF is in desperate need of 30-40 sets of long underwear.

Ms. Molinare has resolved to run a Penny Drive throughout the month of November, with a goal of raising $700. All spare chage can be donated in a large container labelled Ellis Square Friends, located outside the main office at Hannah. If you wish to donate larger sums, please send it to the main office in an envelope labelled with your child’s name, grade, and “ESF.”

If you would like to donate supplies, ESF is also in need of gloves, knit hats, warm socks, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shaving cream, razors, body wash, and chapstick. There is a donation box in the front lobby for these items as well.

Thank you in advance for all your support. Let’s pull together and help Ms. Molinare achieve her goal and improve the Winter experience of our fellow citizens.

Election Day Preview: The Importance of Question 3

By Rev. Julie Flowers, Beverly City Councilor-At-Large and Hannah mom

The World Series is over (go Sox!), which means Fall is in full swing. On top of it all, it’s election season again.

In addition to voting for candidates for office, Massachusetts voters are also asked to consider three ballot questions. Question 3 is not a typical ballot question: Rather than being a referendum vote on a policy decision, it is a vote on civil rights.

Question 3 asks you to consider if you would vote to uphold a 2016 law – passed by a bipartisan supermajority in the State Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Charlie Baker – that protects trans and gender-fluid and gender non-binary folks within our state from discrimination in public spaces. This is a law that protects the civil rights and dignity of trans and gender-fluid people to be in hospitals, movie theaters, stores, doctors’ offices, or on public transportation, for example.

A YES vote would uphold the law and continue to protect the rights, personhood, and dignity of trans and gender-fluid and gender non-binary people in our Commonwealth.

A NO vote would overturn the law and leave these people vulnerable in public spaces, making it legal for them to be told to leave simply because they are trans or gender-fluid.

Should Question 3 be voted down it will make Massachusetts the first state in America to take away civil rights and protections once granted.

Here in Beverly, we have trans and gender fluid and gender non-binary people of all ages. They are our children, friends, neighbors, coworkers, people with whom with stand in line for coffee, fellow shoppers at the grocery store. They are people who want to live their lives, safe and free, just as we all do.

The Beverly City Council (with a 6-3 vote) and Beverly School Committee (with a 7-0 vote) both recently supported resolutions in support of the broad and bipartisan Yes on 3 Coalition, which urges us to maintain this 2016 civil rights law. In addition, Mayor Cahill signed the Mayors’ Pledge for Yes on 3, indicating that he stands with other mayors across the State in support of our transgender and gender-fluid and non-binary residents of all ages.

When we stand together, we are stronger and better for it. Our transgender and gender-fluid friends and neighbors want – and deserve – to have their dignity, their personhood, and their safety protected by law when they are out in the world – just as we all do.

A YES vote on Question 3 will allow them to do just that.

Election Day is November 6. Find your voting location here.

Halloween Tips For Grown-Ups

Here’s something you didn’t know yesterday.

  • School Nurse Lisa Carey’s favorite costume ever was a ghost she made herself and her favorite trick-or-treating candy was Tootsie Rolls.

  • Mrs. Howell’s favorite costume was the Grim Reaper and her preferred candy is Reese’s Cup.

  • Mrs. Montevecchi’s favorite costume was a superhero get-up involving a sparkly cape, while her favorite candy is also the Reese’s Cup.

That said, if/when you’re handing out candy on Halloween, keep these tips in mind:

  • The child who is grabbing more than one piece of candy may have poor fine motor skills.

  • The child who does not say “trick or treat” or “please” or “thank you” may be nonverbal.

  • The child who is looks disappointed when they see your bowl may have allergies or be diabetic.

  • The child who is isn’t wearing a costume at all may have a sensory issue or autism.

Be nice. Be patient. We are all welcome. The Hannah Community includes all of us.

Happy Halloween!