Q&A: What the Heck is a Room Parent Anyway?

With Britta Panda, Perinatologist, Room Parent Coordinator and Hannah mom

How does one become a room parent?

Sign up at the curriculum night in the beginning of the school year to be a room parent and/or let your classroom teacher know that you are interested. Each teacher picks 2-3 room parents.

What does a room parent do?

In general, the job of a room parent is to facilitate communication between parents and the teacher, school administration, and/or parent-teacher organization (PTO), and support the teacher in needs that may arise. You might be asked to help organize class parties and it is typically the room parent who organizes teacher gifts at holidays and birthdays.

Who are the current room parents?

KG- Serra: Jennifer Kiesling, Lori Beal
KG- Morneault: Molly Rye, Mindy D’Ippolito
KG- Clancy: Abby Beaulieu, Eileen Moschella
1st – Milford: Kerry Addis, Jessica Lordan, Amy Benjamin
1st - Dempsey: Amy Paluzzi, Diane Grobecker, Erin Goodrow
1st - Quadros: Corie Quill, Heather Mason
2nd - Hewey: Cheryl Consedine, Gina Ferare
2nd - Mason: Ali Kearney, Meredith Benson
2nd - Shellgren: Danielle Ericsson, Liz Andersen, Bre McGahey, Leah Toppin
3rd - Hachey: Emily Belanger, MaryBeth McLaughlin, Molly Regan
3rd - Harwood: Michelle Pouliot, Erin Goodrow
3rd - Jones: Claire Slater
3rd - Stumpf: Eva Oliveira, David Foss, Heather Mason
4th - Barreto: Leah Toppi, Jordyn Reardon, Katie Litterer
4th - Moore: Emily Goodling
4th - Hatch: Katie Tuohy, April Nelson
4th - Ratte: Abby Beaulieau, Kristin Vona

To contact any of the above room parents, please use the directory.

Are there limits on gift-giving for teachers?
There certainly are.