It's a Wonderful Hannah: Gift Giving Board Returns

In the spirit of giving, the Hannah PTO has created the Annual Holiday Gift Giving Board. We are supporting local families in need, some of whom participate in the Home For Little Wanderers counseling and support services. The board sits on the wall between the main office and the gymnasium and is bedecked and bedazzled with tons of colorful gift tags.

How Can You Participate?

  1. Help make a child in need feel special this season by picking a gift tag on the board. Most tags have age, gender, and suggested gift item. Other tags are for general gift cards; one of the biggest needs this year is for grocery gift cards.

  2. Please leave your unwrapped gift in the front office with Mrs. Howell by Friday, December 14, to ensure the gifts are delivered in time.

  3. Be sure to attach the gift tag securely to your gift to make sure the child/family receives it.

Helpful Hints

  • Take a picture of your tag and the info sheet posted on the board in case it gets misplaced or forgotten.

  • Involve your child/children in the gift-giving process.

Please contact Cheryl Consedine with any questions.