Dinner Anywhere in the World: A Winner's Story

Last year's winning ticket for the first annual Dinner Anywhere in the World raffle belonged to Hannah parent Willie Young. We caught up with him recently to hear about his trip.

"We will be happy to share our journey to Singapore when we actually take it!" Willie said. 

The Youngs will finally redeem their prize in June.

From  Willie:

"We are flying there, staying two nights in a hotel, and then staying with a college friend to extend the visit to about a week total, not counting travel time. So, it is possible to extend the trip, even though the prize pays for two nights of lodging."

"We're going there to explore lots of different types of cuisine, especially the 'hawker' culture, in the food stalls, and experience a very multicultural and tropical city life. As a religion professor, I'm really interested to see the ways that Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity have all intersected in the city's life. And, Melissa and I read the Kevin Kwan books (Crazy Rich Asians), which further made us want to go."

"We also considered doing a shorter trip to Rome or Paris, or perhaps to Tokyo, but the chance to go to Singapore was too much of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"We were truly shocked that we won the prize. It has been a lot of fun thinking about this and planning it. My dad has been asking everyone for the last year what they would do if they won it. It's a fun thing to imagine, and even more fun to get to realize it!"

With one week left to sell tickets, we hope this story inspires you!